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Meet our team

We have an amazingly diverse team, that have a multitude of skills and a genuine, ethical approach to providing support to our participants.

Qualifications and experience vary in the following areas:


Case Managers

Support Coordinators

Business Management 

Disability Specialists 

Domestic Assistants

Disability Support Workers

Office Management

Childhood Educators

Social Workers


meet our staff! more to be added soon :)

Brenda Devine

Martyn Vidamour

Martyn Vidamour


Brenda is our CEO/Director. Brenda has worked in Disability Services for over 30 years and it is something she is very passionate about. Brenda started Serendipity Support Services in 2018, and has been trying her absolute hardest to provide perfect support services to all of our participants.

Martyn Vidamour

Martyn Vidamour

Martyn Vidamour


If you have ever attended one of our Karaoke Disco's, you will know who Martyn is!

Martyn is the second half of our amazing CEO/Director duo. Martyn makes it his mission to make sure that all of our participants are happy, smiling and having the best possible time they could be having.

Shani Horrell

Martyn Vidamour

Shani Horrell


Shani has two roles within Serendipity Support Services. 

Shani works as a Support Worker to some of our beautiful participants. She has developed and maintained such special bonds with her participants. Shani is also our Business Administrator, so she is a very busy lady!

Ebony Devine

Nicole Russell

Shani Horrell


Ebony is the person who is most likely to answer your phone call or return your emails! 

Ebony is our Administration Officer and Payroll Officer, who we treasure dearly.

Kerrie Burns

Nicole Russell

Nicole Russell


Kerrie is one of our wonderful Support Workers. Kerrie has worked for Serendipity Support Services since the very beginning when we opened. Our participants have given us nothing but good feedback when it comes to Kerrie and her ability to provide supports.

Nicole Russell

Nicole Russell

Nicole Russell


Nicole is one of our wonderful Support Workers. 

Nicole is passionate and driven, and is one of our most reliable staff members. Nicole shows her passion for her job through her work with our participants. Nicole goes above and beyond always!